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Welcome to Only Nancy Drew and thank you for visiting

Only Nancy Drew offers used, vintage Nancy Drew books and memorabilia for sale.  We add books and other items to the site as we have them available but please feel free to contact us with a question or a request.  Please be sure to visit Nancy Drew Sleuth, a VERY valuable resource for your Nancy Drew research.  Farah's Guide by David Farah has been used extensively to provide information on the books and products available on this site...many thanks to Mr. Farah for his hard work and excellent information.

The links in the navigation bar to the left will help you navigate throughout the site.  Here is a quick guide to what you will find:

"With DJ"

Volumes 1-38 offered with dust jackets including, as available, solid blue and tweed formats

"Without DJ"

Volumes 1-38 offered without dust jackets including, as available, solid blue and tweed formats

"Picture Cover"

Volumes 1-56 picture covers, as available (aka "yellow spine")

"Book club"

Volumes 1-54 "lavender" 2-in-1 editions, volumes 1-3 mustard-colored, dust-jacketed editions, Cameo editions, picture cover editions

"Other Books"

As available:  Meet Nancy Drew (3-in-1), Nancy Drew Sleuth Book, Nancy Drew Cookbook. picture books, international printings, etc.


As available:  movies, games, lunchboxes & other collectables

"Contact Us"

Comments, questions, requests or problems



Media mail-$2.75 for first book-$.50 each additional book

Priority mail-$7.00 for first book-$1.00 each additional book

You will find that photographs are used generously throughout our site.  (The flash sometimes causes the book to look faded...don't worry, if it is we will tell you.)  We also try to be thorough in our descriptions.  PLEASE feel free to contact us if you have questions or want other photos.