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What is Farah Data?

Farah's Guide by David Farah has been used extensively to provide information on the books and products available on this site...many thanks to Mr. Farah for his hard work and excellent information.


Farah's Guide, Twelfth Printing (recently released), is a comprehensive compendium of all printings of Nancy Drew books.  Based on the characteristics of the volume, Mr. Farah has, through his years of extensive research, determined the print run of every Nancy Drew volume numbers 1-56.  In addition, the guide gives information on some subsequent Nancy Drew books, book club volumes and invaluable data on other Nancy Drew products/memorabilia such as games, lunchboxes, etc.

Farah data, as used on this site provides the visitor with the print run for a particular volume.  In order to understand it, here is an example:

If a volume shows "Farah Data" 1933C-10, then the volume's print run was 1933C and it is the 10th printing of the volume.  Even though the copyright might read 1930, this volume would have been PRINTED in 1933 and C would indicate that it is the third print run of the year 1933.  The "10" indicates that it is the 10th print run that the book has been through. 

Commonly considered a "first edition" volume wouldn't be based on the copyright since Nancy Drew books retained the original copyright date through many years of printings.  So a first edition/first PRINTING would be indicated by, for example, 1933A-1

If you would like to acquire a copy of Farah's Guide of your own, you may contact Mr. David Farah directly  through his web site at or via email: